My name is Rus Jerove Culi Mugot, from Philippines, i worked as an engineer and one of my hobby was photography. I bought my first dslr camera in the mid of 2009. At first my only purpose and intention was to snap a nice picture of my families and friends. I really didn’t know how this stuff works and even how to make an art out of it. It was only in the year 2011 that I became curious to learn more about this craft and after upgrading my gears. I started to like candid and travel photography after visiting a secluded island in Indonesia, a fisherman’s village in Bintan Island… , after i posted my pictures here i received positive comments and I gain friends. Moreover, my first attempt also in street photography was not that bad, in fact one of my picture was chosen as 1st week winner for the ORDINARY PEOPLE group–photography/discuss/7215762… formerly street photography group in flickr. Lastly, being a self-taught photographer i need to do my research on people who already made their names on this trade, there, i very much appreciated the works of Rarindra Prakarsa, Matthieu Ricard, Manuel Librodo and Yip Cheong-Fun, so far.

Through this hobby i learned to appreciate all the things and matters that surrounds me. It develops my skill and knowledge for art and specially being artistic. The pictures i took makes me believe to the theory of time travel. After looking it back it instantly took me to an adventure that leads me back in time, I felt like i’m riding on a time machine. As of this moment i’m enjoying it and still willing to learn.


My Equipments:
– EOS 7D (new)
– EOS 500D (old)
– EF 70-300mm L f4-5.6
– EF-S 17-55mm f2.8
– Hoya UV filter 67mm
– Hoya Circular Polarizer filter 67mm
– Hoya UV filter 77mm
– Canon 480 Ex II Flash
– Vanguard Up-rise 46 bag
– Velbon Tripod
– Monopod
– Dry cabinet

My Motto:
More photography, less PP.

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